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1. Lifetime access to a wealth of recruiting information all in one place........ There is NO other place on the internet that you can find information on all aspects of college recruiting from a parent’s perspective. We’re soccer parents! By definition that means we lead incredibly busy lives. Getting the College Selection Pass is the best way to have expert soccer recruiting information on demand, exactly when you need it.

2. Bonus materials for your future College player..... In addition to the expert interviews, the College Selection Pass delivers bonuses to give your child the skills to market themselves to colleges and stand out from the fierce competition. These bonuses include teaching needed skills often overlooked during the recruiting process, such as time management, how to interview effectively, how to properly research colleges, the traps of social media, and so much more……

3. You won't miss a single minute of the summit....... We know it is almost impossible to watch every interview live. It would cost you thousands of dollars for this expert advice, but the College Selection Pass gives it to you for pennies on the dollar. Choosing the right college with your child is a marathon, not a sprint. This information will be with you to guide you every step of the way!


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What You Will Learn..

  • What to do to get noticed and recruited, even if you don't play on a "ranked" team
  • What NOT to do when it comes to Social Media (your child's social media AND yours)
  • How you and your child should conduct yourselves in an interview  with a College Soccer Coach
  • How to systematically research a College and its soccer program
  • What to do to ensure you are academically eligible to play soccer in college
  • What role you should play and what role your child should play in the recruiting process
  • When the appropriate time to "talk money" is, and when is the wrong time
  • How to get through the recruiting process without losing your sanity or your wallet

Claim These Value-Packed Bonuses

Databases with FULL CONTACT information of every Men's and Women's  Division I, II, and III Soccer Coach

This alone will save massive amounts of precious time, maximizing your child's ability to contact more coaches and conduct more thorough research.

More Bonuses


How To Research A College 

What to look for academically as well as within the soccer program, so you can ask the coach intelligent questions and impress him or her with knowledge of the soccer program.


How And When To Email A College Coach

This will guide your child as to when they should email a coach and what they should say.  Sample emails are included.


Interviews From The Elite Youth Soccer Summit

All interviews from The Elite Youth Soccer Summit, which cover all aspects of youth soccer development and parenting!


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Will Your Child Chase Their College Soccer Dreams? 

- OR -

Will Your Child Always Wonder "What Might Have Been"?


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